This is Claus! Claus has been known to cuddle right on a person chest! He is the bigger 1 out of he and his brother. He is an indoor/outdoor cat as well. He doesn t have up to date shots and he also isn t fixed. Like his brother he had such an amazing temperament. Neither 1 has ever scratched. They would be good for a family or anyone in need of a pair of cuddly cats!
Dimitri is a loving young cat who loves to cuddle! He can be found lounging in most places and loves to share a bed. He is an inside/outside cat. He s currently living with three other cats and three dogs so he is well accquainted with other animals. He was found in a box with his twin brother and brought to me as a foster animal. He does not have up to date shots nor has he been fixed. He is t...
I received taffy as a foster and fell in love. He is primarily and outdoor cat but he will go for walks with you if you let him! There has been many times I ve had to create a distraction so he didn t follow. He is a loving and affectionate cat who likes a good nap! He so friendly he has made friends with all of my neighbors. He would be good around children and doesn t mind other animals. His ...
Krystal was raised from a kitten and was bred as a "Pixie-bob" which is a domestic tabby and part bobcat. The features that distinguish a pixie-bob from a plain tabby is the bunny rabbit tail and the tuft of hair on her ears. Another factor is that she will head butt you when she feels ignored (I want to be scratched and petted.) The new owner will have to patient, not have kids, and like an ca...
My wife and i got Woemy (along with his brother) in El Cajon, CA in 2007 while we were looking at a dresser we found in the classifieds (Craigslist). The lady had 2 litters and was giving away kittens. We had to have a pair and so we ended up taking 1 from each litter (so they are at most half brothers, but who's counting). Anyway, Woemy was such a sweet surprise! 1st, he is very smart and was ...
Mama is cute and loving. She loves to snuggle on your lap. She's very mellow.
This is a seven years old healthy female cat, she is an indoor and outdoor cat that likes attention, loves to play and friendly. She is up-to-date on he vaccine.
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